juneteenth 2021

2 min readJun 20, 2021

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter,

but first giving honor where it’s due.

Thank you to the pages before us —

the words, the people, the punctuation marks,

the places, the spaces, and things that influenced the us of now,

and the us at present.

Google has long invited us to come to it with our queries and musings,

but I wonder, what if we ourselves have answers?

Insights incognito or answers we undervalue for any given reason.

What if we place too much dependence on search engines and technology to inform us about our land, our inheritance, and ourselves?

What if we return in a sense to being children,

wide-eyed, curious, and open-minded with an imagination?

What if we go within for wisdom and truth?

What if we talk with real people and hear/see/feel their various expressions?

What if we make good out of not-so-good and great out of good as God intended?

What if we take the responsibility upon ourselves to find the truth, feed our hope, and build bridges between the two?

What if that’s how we give life meaning?

Just throwing out these questions since I myself am embracing my inner kid.

At the very least, as adults & children alike, we can cultivate attitudes of gratitude for the answers & stories given to us, even if they are fragments —

the nature of everything on this earth is piece.

Fragments are what we will always receive.

but fragments are enough.

After all, we ourselves are only pieces

and we are enough,

aren’t we?

Making Peace with Pieces

Thank you Juneteenth for being a remarkable page in our story. We celebrate you in the ways of connecting to the collective.




In the words of Poet Robert Frost, “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”