walk by faith — May 13th

The Lord’s blessing is our greatest wealth.

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The truth is no good thing is mine. Yours. Ours.

No natural quality.

No skill.

No possession or honor.

None of it is deserved. Everything that is good comes ONLY from God. It’s only by the grace of God that we experience true goodness.

Apart from God I am brokenhearted, destitute, and tormented by anxiety. With Jesus, I have a fullness and peace I’ve never known. The world teaches us that we get what we work hard for or deserve. But I firmly believe we get what we receive. God graciously gives to us but how about we receive ALL of His blessings. No picking and choosing, just trusting that He is the best author to our story. But that’s just my musing and building myself up with what I know is true.

Thankful to Ashlee, Sabrina, and Abiola for being the Lord’s blessing to me last night. Real growth happens in a real community! No doubts. Not about God being who He says He is and what He says to do. Let us continuing accessing the wealth that is already there for us. There is enough for everyone.

always in ❤️


a novice writer journeying through healing to find deep hope, faith, and herself (all) in Jesus