walk by faith — May 18th

When the path ahead of us is washed away, God will give us wings.

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Humans can’t have wings, right? Wrong. God defies natural thinking to bring His plans and purposes to pass. So brace yourself for [more] supernatural impact.

No matter what it looks like,

no matter what you feel like,

no matter what today is like,

trust that God will give you what you need for what He has called you to do. Trust that He will deliver on His promises (in ways that can’t even be imagined) to those who trust Him. It’s just who He is to spoil His children with His definition of goodness!

I embrace all of what comes from God, even the things that used to be cringe-worthy to me (e.g. being excluded or disconnected). His design is the only one I want to be a part of now. So as much as I love crafts and creating, He is the best Author and Maker so I invite God to lead the way.


It’s not about me

It’s not about us

It’s about Him.

Always has been

Always will be

HIS Story.

always in ❤️





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In the words of Poet Robert Frost, “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”